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Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol (WCTP) - WCTP provides a simple way to make a link between the Internet and a TAP compliant paging terminal.

WCTP Technical Specifications:

The WCTP protocol defines a number of different control blocks which are transferred between a wireline system and an entry point, or Gateway, into the wireless network,. Each control block is referred to as a WCTP operation and is represented in an XML format as dictated by the format language systez or DTD (Documentation Type Definition).

The following are codes for the WCTP protocol.

Success Codes
200 Acknowledged operation has been recieved and a first level of validation has been performed.
  Series Protocol Violation Errors  
300 Operation not supported requested WCTP operation is not supported
301 Input can not be parsed Input message is garbled, can be caused by invalid XML format.
302 XML validation error Input is not proper XML document
303 version error version of input data is not supported
304 cannot accept operation requested operation can not be performed until messages are pulled using the PollForMessages operation
  Content Error Codes  
400 Function not supported the requested function, is not supported for this operation
401 Invalid ID the senderID is invalid
402 invalid security code security code for SenderID is invalid
403 invalid recipientID recipientID is invalid
404 invalid authorization code authorization code for this recipientID is invalid
405 invalid date or time date or time is not in WCTP supported format
406 Date/Time ranges unsupported combination the before date/time value must be beyond the after date/time value
407 invalid date/time period the specified date and/or time is beyond the time range supported by the system
408 Date/time specified has expired the date/time has already passed, and the requested operation cannot be performed
409 Domain alias is not unique domain alias is already in use.
410 domain alias access denied  
  Series Message Processing Error Codes  
500 Message has timed out message could not be delivered within a network specific maximum
501 Message has expired message could not be delivered within time period specified
502 No further responses possible specific ID will no longer be able to receive responses because of network or device limitations
503 Sender permanently disabled due to excessive polling manual intervention is required
504 unknown message reference tracking number is not recognized in ClientQuery
  Temporary Processing Error Codes  
600 Poll rate exceeded polling warning, polling is occuring too frequently
601 Excessive polling warning, polling is occurring too frequently
602 Traffic rate exceeded warning the rate at which messages are entering the system exceed the allowed quota
603 Traffic rate excessive

warning traffic excessive if continues the sender will be permenantly disabled


900-999 implementation Specific implementations may experiment with new codes

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