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Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol (WCTP) - WCTP provides a simple way to make a link between the Internet and a TAP compliant paging terminal.

WCTP has been created to provide a wireless industry standard for the sending of wireless messages through the Internet.

WCTP is a way to deliver wireless messages, both one and two-way, to appropriate receiving devices such as pagers, mobile phones or other wireless devices. WCTP provides a way to implement communication between the Internet and a TAP/IXO paging terminal. WCTP also has the ability of receiving end-to-end acknowledgments and replies from a two-way messaging device such as ReFLEX units.

WCTP or the Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol is specifically aimed at creating an easy means of transferring alphanumeric and binary messages to and from wireline systems and two-way capable wireless devices.

WCTP is complementary to WAP in that it addresses a standardized manner to move data to and from the wireless network gateway over a wired network (as in the Internet).

WCTP operations are represented trhough XML or Extensible Markup Language.

Sending software that adheres to the WCTP protocol follow the above information.

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